EMPOWER project in German press

As a result of the visit of a group of German journalists to Smart Innovation Norway and to the EMPOWER pilot site Hvaler, 3 publications have been released.

VDI Nachrichten (German Engineers Association News) has recently published an article about electric vehicles in Norway and about EMPOWER, with special emphasis in the Hvaler pilot site:

PRESS VDI Nachrichten 27 Januar – Halden in the German Engineering News red

Erneuerbare Energien (Renewable Energies) has also released a publication with focus on electric mobility and EMPOWER project. Hvaler pilot site also appears in it:

Erneuerbare Energien 01-2017 – Norwegen Smart Meters – EV Vorreiter_red

Silicon.de explains the Internet of Thins (IoT) in Norway and also mentions its application in Hvaler pilot site:

Norwegen auf dem Weg zum IoT-Musterland