EMPOWER H2020 Symposium: “Local energy markets: dream or facta”. Presentations are now available!

The Symposium was held in Barcelona, in the ETSEIB School (UPC) on Thursday 26th January 2017.

The impact of the event was very significant, as the attendance surpassed 100 people. The invited speaker was John Hodemaekers, Chairman Executive Board of USEF (Universal Smart Energy Framework). His presentation dealt with the reinvention of the energy system by introducing a flexibility market connected to the traditional energy markets and addressed the need for an extended market model revolving around localised flexible energy use.

The presentations of the EMPOWER H2020 Symposium “Local energy markets: dream or facta” are now available!
The event was held in Barcelona on 26th January and addressed the energy transition being encouraged be the rise of local electricity retail markets, through the vision of industry and academia experts.

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The videos of the recorded sessions will be available soon!

EMPOWER project and pilots, Dieter Hirdes (SmartIO, Norway)
Universal Smart Energy Framework, John Hodemaekers (USEF, The Netherlands)
Business Models, Emmanuelle Reuter (Univ. St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Market design, Bernt Bremdal (SmartIO, Norway)
ICT plaftorm, Stig Ødegaard Ottesen (eSmart, Norway)
Architecture, Roberto Villafáfila (CITCEA-UPC, Spain)
Enabling local market technologies: V2G, B2G and IDPR, Daniel Heredero (CITCEA-UPC, Spain)