Methodology for the Evaluation of Resilience of ICT Systems for Smart Distribution Grids

As a result of one of the studies performed inside WP3 of EMPOWER project, we are glad to announce the publication of the journal paper “Methodology for the Evaluation of Resilience of ICT Systems for Smart Distribution Grids”, in Energies, authored by Pau Lloret-Gallego Mònica Aragüés-Peñalba, Lien Van Schepdael, Eduard Bullich-Massagué, Pol Olivella-Rosell and Andreas Sumper.

The article is available here

Abstract: Ensuring resilient operation and control of smart grids is fundamental for empowering their deployment, but challenging at the same time. Accordingly, this study proposes a novel methodology for evaluating resilience of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems for smart distribution grids. Analysing how the system behaves under changing operating conditions a power system perspective allows to understand how resilient the smart distribution grid is, but the resilience of the ICT system in charge of its operation affects the overall performance of the system and does, therefore, condition its resilience. With the aim of systematising the evaluation of ICT systems’ resilience, this study proposes to combine a standardized modelling of Smart Grids, the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM), with a data structured diagram, the Entity Relationship Model (ERM). The architecture of smart distribution grids is analysed through SGAM. Then, their technical characteristics and functionalities are defined and represented in a ERM diagram. Finally, the attributes or properties of the system components are used to formulate resilience indicators against different types of disturbances. This methodology is then applied to analyse the resilience of a ICT platform being developed in EMPOWER H2020 project