Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is an instrument for dissemination, general promotion and preparation for EMPOWER exploitation. It is constituted by members of the industry or academia that are experts on the topics included in the project (microgrids, smart grids, electrical markets, communication systems, operation and control of electrical systems) and which are not directly related to the project (their institution is not inside the consortium). An example of topic that could be treated during a TAG meeting is international communication formats and standardization. The TAG includes members from the most important types of stakeholders and constitutes a network of interest that shall help to promote the project in a knowledgeable manner, solicit target for exploitation and yield advice on the demo and our R&D effort. This means that TAG members should be aware of the progress of the project. They are invited to the project meetings and to any event organized in the project frame and they should give advice at different stages of the project. Sign up here to be a member of our TAG. If you are already a TAG member you can request an appointment here.

Network of interest

Joining our Network of interest means keeping you informed of the events organized inside our project. Furthermore, you will be able to follow the evolution of the project and know the results derived. Sign up here to be a member of our Network of interest.