EMPOWER is not only a project compromised with a sustainable energy future, but also an example of synergy among industry and university. The consortium is constituted by very diverse entities: Schneider Electric, a reference in the control of electrical energy and industrial automation, Smart Innovation Østfold AS – SmartIO, which manages the NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) cluster of companies and institutions from the academia with special focus on the energetic markets, eSmart Systems, which develops IT solutions, the norwegian distribution company Fredrikstad eEnergi Nett – FEN, the University de St. Gallen – UNISG, which large experience in developing business models, the Centro de Innovación Tecnológica en Accionamientos Eléctricos de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, CITCEA-UPC, characterized by its experience in Mechatronics and Enertronics, with special incidence in the fields of power electronics and digital control, Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency – MIEMA, energetic agency which targets its research in the promotion of energy efficiency and the grid integration of renewable sources and NewEn Projects GmbH – subsidiary of Diersch & Schröder (DS), an energetic company with divisions on petroleum sector, renewable energy and IT services.

Schneider Electric Norge AS – Schneider

From its creation in 1836 as a producer of iron and steel, Schneider Electric has evolved to become a global leader in energy management. Along the way, Schneider has contributed to the transformation of industries with an innovative, international and responsible mindset. With operations in over 100 countries and more than 150.000 employees, Schneider’s mission is to help people make the most of their energy. 2000-2009 was a period of organic growth for Schneider, positioning itself in new market segments like UPS (uninterruptible power supply), movement control, building automation and security through acquisitions of APC, Clipsal, TAC, Pelco, Xantrex, becoming the global specialist in energy management. In 2010: Schneider Electric strengthens its lead in the development of the Smart Grid, with the acquisition of the distribution activities of Areva T&D. In 2010 Schneider strengthened its lead in the development of the Smart Grid, with the acquisition of the distribution activities of Areva T&D and in 2011 Schneider reached the landmark of €20 billion sales and continued its external growth with the acquisitions of Summit Energy (USA), Luminous (India), as well as Leader Harvest Power Technologies (China) and Telvent (Spain). Today, Schneider is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for electrical power distribution, industrial control and automation. Because of its strengths in industrial and building automation, Schneider’s smart grid strategy is to connect those automated systems to the grid to improve efficiency and to allow its customers to participate in demand response programs. Based in France with operations in more than 100 countries, it had 2010 sales of $26 billion.

Smart Innovation Østfold AS – SmartIO (*)

The Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Smart Energy Markets was established by the Norwegian government as one of twelve world class centres consisting of clusters of enterprises and academic institutions within dedicated fields of expertise. NCE has specific focus towards energy markets and is located in Halden, Norway. The centre is managed by Smart Innovation Østfold (SmartIO). SmartIO organizes Norway’s leading cluster of industries and academic institutions within Smart Grid and Smart Energy Market Research and Innovation. SmartIO develops smart and sustainable solutions through research based innovation and business development. Emphasis is on techno economic models, business intelligence, prosumers and user flexibility. It holds key competences in relevant and applied R&D, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and process development to cater for new businesses based on research results generated. Its history is rooted in a long tradition of cutting-edge energy-related developments stemming from the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Halden. In the 1980s IFE developed the world’s first ICT system for competitive energy trading in a deregulated electricity market (1991). Later, spin-off Hand-El Skandinavia developed the world’s, first ICT system for emissions trading (2005). SmartIO and the associated cluster have long traditions of creating energy related spin-outs around new products and technologies. These include software and engineering companies like Scandpower, Hand-El Scandinavia, CognIT, MoreCom, Communicate, Navita/Brady, Miriam, eSmart Systems, Tiny Mesh and more. Together with SINTEF and Narvik University College SmartIO was a founding partner of the Norwegian Smart Grid Centre. SmartIO has long experience from technical project management and will be deeply participating in the execution of WP1. SmartIO also has strong experience from electricity market design and functional specification for all kinds of electricity trading systems. Thus, SmartIO will be the work package leader of WP6. SmartIO is a non-profit research organization focusing at research based innovation and exploitation of results from such projects. Therefore, SmartIO is especially suited to be the leader of WP8.   (*)13.12.2016 Smart Innnovation Østfold AS (SmartIO) changed its company name to Smart Innnovation Norway AS (SIN)

eSmart Systems AS – eSmart

eSmart is stacked with deep market knowledge experts with a long, strong history of developing and delivering pioneering IT-system solutions on a world-class scale to world-leading energy players. With decades of experience in energy trading, risk management, systems operation, customer information systems and smart grid software solutions, eSmart’s team boasts an average 15 years international experience at delivering IT solutions to physical and financial power exchanges in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. eSmart commenced operations on the 1st of February 2013, which was a highly successful start-up year for eSmart. Our first focus for the year was to build a team of experienced and leading professionals, which we rapidly did growing from six to more than 20 by year’s end. We have already gained significant status and become a sought-out employer in a high-tech environment populated by many interesting and leading tech companies. eSmart Systems AS develops next generation software systems for grid companies, large energy consumers, prosumers and retailers. eSmart is built on a strong market knowledge and a long and strong history of developing and delivering pioneering IT-system solutions on a world-class scale to world-leading energy players. eSmart’s focus on integrity and teamwork coupled with ambitions of excellence and innovation form our values foundation. Values-driven processes put our customers at the center of all we do and contribute to our competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The company has it’s headquarter in Halden, Norway. Over the last two decades, Halden has developed into one of the most competent energy IT environments in Norway. eSmart develops an intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS), and will for the project develop the SESP control cloud based on this. We will work closely with the pilot sites and Schneider Electric on development and integration with the necessary components, and with the remaining partners on market design and other relevant research and development tasks for the project.

Fredrikstad Energi Nett – FEN

The Fredrikstad Energi group consists mainly of wholly owned subsidiaries within grid, markets and B2B-services. Fredrikstad Energinett AS (FEN) is a Norwegian Distribution Service Operator (DSO) and the largest grid company in the group’s portfolio. FEN has territorial concessions and responsibility for electricity distribution to about 38.500 customers in the municipalities Fredrikstad and Hvaler (southeastern part of Norway). FEN is the host for the Smart Grid demonstration program “Smart Energy Hvaler”. The demonstration site covers the Hvaler islands (86 km2) consisting of 4 larger islands with road connections and 16 smaller islands without road connections. There are 6.800 customers with smart meters at Hvaler. Out of these, 4.300 smart meters are installed in holiday houses/cabins. The total electrical consumption at Hvaler is about 80 GWh pr. year. FEN provides access to metering data from all of the 6.800 smart meter (AMI) installations at Hvaler. Metering data handled in the project, and analyzed by EMPOWER services, will consist of active and reactive energy consumption. In addition, there will be access to production data series dating back to November 1, 2011. Today, the smart meter data registration frequency is every hour with a collection frequency every 24 hours. FEN provides access to all relevant parts of its distribution grid and many years of expertise from distribution grid operations, grid extensions and customer oriented DSO business. The Fredrikstad Energi group is engaged in the EMPOWER project with representatives both from the parent company and from FEN. This because it is expected that the project will have substantial impact on not only FEN’s, but also The Fredrikstad Energi group’s current business, its future business and future business model

University of St. Gallen – UNISG

The University of St. Gallen was founded in 1989 and has since grown from a commercial academia to a renowned, internationally networked university. As part of the University of St. Gallen, the institute for Economy and the Environment at university focuses on issues related to development of business models and consumer behavior in the field of renewable energy and Smart Grids. Research is involved in finding solutions to problems of sustainability in business and society through its scientifically based work and practice-oriented approach.Throughout these themes, the UniSG turns special attention to heuristic decision-making. The University of St.Gallen leads the work package 2. In this package, the UniSG provides the EMPOWER project a prosumer perspective, on which a sustainable business model will be built. This type of task perfectly matches to the expertise of UniSG with respect to studies about prosumer behavior and development of sustainable business models, which are core competencies of our team. Mr. Loock is responsible for the implementation of this part of the project at UniSG.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – CITCEA UPC

Created in 2001, CITCEA-UPC is a technology transfer centre of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC BarcelonaTech), specialized in responding to the needs of enterprises to build functional prototypes that can be industrialized and commercialized. In order to carry this out, we build a client-supplier relationship with the enterprises we collaborate with. The group activity is focused on mechatronics and enertronics fields. Mechatronics combines the fundamentals of mechanical, electrical, power electronics and computer engineering. Enertonics is the synergistic combination of electronic signal and power, computing and control systems. Since 2001 CITCEA-UPC has been part of the TECNIO network, which provides support for technological innovation, driven by ACC1Ó, an organism of the Government of Catalonia. CITCEA-UPC is expert in all types of applications requiring the control of energy and/or movement. It develops technologies in: electricity, control electronics, power electronics, industrial communications and digital control with processors. And the applications of these technologies range from the automation of processors and machines to renewable energies and the electrical grid, among many others. UPC will develop the hardware for participating in electricity markets based on power electronics and integrate it in the utility ICT system. This will enable to increase renewable penetration ratios, taking also in account system security, energy efficiency goals and security margins.

Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency – MIEMA

The Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) is a public body to conduct research and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. MIEMA operates on a national level and was set up in 2007 with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and with the participation of a number of public institutions. MIEMA collaborates closely with the University of Malta (particularly the Industrial Electrical Power Conversion Department, the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Mediterranean Institute), the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs and various municipalities. Its research activities have focused on the local context, such as the energy practices of the tourism industry and the performance of PV installations in Malta. MIEMA personnel also conduct energy audits and offer an advisory service to encourage a more intelligent use of resources. Its publications have been widely distributed to disseminate information on the optimization of the use of conventional energy resources and to develop renewable sources. Its researchers have been involved in the setting up of a 15kW PV and 10kW wind RES system in a sustainable development centre managed by Nature Trust Malta.

NewEn Projects GmbH – NewEn

NewEn Projects GmbH (NewEn) is specialised in Renewable Energy and part of the Diersch & Schröder Group (DS) in Bremen . DS was established in 1920 and became one of the most important German oil traders in recent decades. In addition to oil business activities, DS started its first operations within the Renewable Energy Market in 1998 by projecting wind farms. NewEn is developing Renewable Energy Concepts for industrial customers and municipalities and bases its actions on careful use of resources and assuming responsibility in the area of community service. Based on long-term experiences NewEn provides solutions for customers to get a maximum level of energy self-supply and energy self-sufficiency by using own potential production capacities of heat and power. Our goal is the establishment of self-sufficient energy-villages within the framework of the so called “NewEn Village Concept”. For the Empower project NewEn holds key competences as an active, independent planning company in Germany. In the field of renewable energies, NewEn combines practical know-how along the entire value chain in the areas of wind and solar energy, photovoltaic, geothermal and biomass and energy efficient buildings. As a provider of self-sufficient energy and energy-optimized solutions for municipalities, NewEn, for example, accompanies communities in all project phases and supports them in choosing the right energy and beyond. This leads to a long-term experience in local stakeholder management and resident motivation and activation for renewable electricity projects. NewEn is an ideal partner to implement the EMPOWER results in a local demonstration site. NewEn ́s contribution will enable the consortium to run a pilot implementation