WEBINAR: Micro-markets and EMPOWER project presented by Pol Olivella

Pol Olivella (representing Smart Innovation Norway AS and  CITCEA-UPC), presented his vision on micro-markets on a webinar organized by InnoEnergy Master’s School. Andreas Sumper, Coordinator of Msc Energy for Smart Cities, from CITCEA-UPC moderated the webinar.

What does “micro-market” mean in the energy sector? Are there new business opportunities related to them? and… Is there any current project working to encourage and enable the active participation of citizens to consume and produce energy in a local environment?

2nd TAG meeting held in UPC, Barcelona

UPC, Thursday 26th January 2017, at 16:00 h

The 2nd Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meeting was held in Barcelona, in the ETSEIB School (UPC) on Thursday 26th January 2017, after the Symposium “Local energy markets: dream or facta”.

The TAG meeting started analysing the status of the work packages related to Business models, the ICT platform and the Pilot sites deployment. Next, a debate took place based on the feedback of TAG members.


EMPOWER TAG meeting was held in the so-called Schneider Room of the Electrical Engineering Department of ETSEIB (UPC).


Coming event: Local energy markets – dream or facta Symposium

Barcelona, January 26th 2017

The Symposium “Local energy markets – dream or facta” will be held in Barcelona on 26th January.

Power systems are being transformed by the digital era we are living on. Distributed generation is expanding and the engagement of prosumers in energy exchanges is being promoted. All these facts are contributing to an energy transition. This transition is being encouraged by the rise of local electricity retail markets, focus of EMPOWER Project. The symposium will cover all these issues through the vision of industry and academia experts.

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Smart City Expo World Congress includes EMPOWER exhibition

Barcelona, 15th to 17th November 2016

Smart City Expo World Congress is taking place between 15th and 17th November in Barcelona and the EMPOWER project will be exhibited in CITCEA-UPC stand.

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the international summit of discussion about the link between urban reality and technological revolution. Since its first edition in 2011, it has succeeded to become a referential global event to support the development of our cities. This professional, institutional and social meeting point is a leading platform of ideas, networking, experiences and international business deals that gathers together the highest level of stakeholders, in the context of urban development.
To know more about SCEWC, please visit Smart City Expo webpage

Coming event (15 Sep. 2016): EMPOWER Local Market Design workshop in Oslo, Norway

Oslo, September 15th 2016

A Local Market Design Workshop on behalf of the EMPOWER Project will be held in Oslo next September 15th.

The EMPOWER Project has come up with a new market design model for distribution networks called Local Market. The principal purpose of Local Markets is to promote the installation of distributed renewable generators without compromising on grid operation while still engaging consumers, prosumers and producers to trade their electricity and flexibility locally.

The concepts to be presented have been developed in Work Package 6 “Market Design” with the main objective of “exploring the theories on the micro-market and capitalize on former research related to market design and trading in a smart grid setting”.

Download the detailed agenda here

EMPOWER 3rd Consortium meeting at Fredrisktad

Fredrisktad, June 2016

The 3rd Consortium meeting of EMPOWER was held in Fredrisktad (Norway) on 29-30th June. This has also been a chance for the project partners to visit one of the three pilot sites where  the ICT platform is going to be tested: Hvaler.


TAG Workshop in “7th St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies”. Contents defined

St. Gallen University, Friday 27th May at 13:45 h

Remember next week the “7th St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies” is taking place. It includes the EMPOWER TAG Workshop on Friday 27th May at 13:45 h. Experts from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of the EMPOWER project and participants from the St. Gallen Forum are invited to attend.

The workshop will address the following topics: What is EMPOWER H2020? State-of-the-art local energy markets research, Microgrids and local energy markets, EMPOWER Local Market Design, EMPOWER Architecture and ICT core of the EMPOWER Project. Finally there will be a discussion including Exploitation – how will EMPOWER commercialize.

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Coming event (26-27 May 2016): EMPOWER Workshop in St. Gallen, Switzerland

University of St. Gallen

This workshop will take place in the frame of the event “7th St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies”

In the future, most of the energy we use will be produced where it is consumed. The surplus from your PV panels may be sold to your neighbours or stored locally for later use. Central energy production facilities will experience decreased sales and revenues. Central grids and local distribution grids will be relieved from heavy peak loads. Investments in increased transmission capacity can be postponed. But what does it mean if a TSO or DSO to loose 80% of their grid rental charges? If not 80%, even a 20% loss could be a direct challenge for local DSOs and their owners. Decentralized renewable energy production and storage will soon revolutionize the energy sector. Energy produced, consumed and traded locally requires local energy markets. This is exactly what the EMPOWER project is developing: a new model for local energy markets and a software platform for local energy trading. In St. Gallen, the EMPOWER project invites experts from its Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and participants from the St. Gallen Forum to the EMPOWER TAG Workshop. This participants will be updated on the project’s status and are invited to contribute to the next generation local trading platform.

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Workshop in Halden for discussing EMPOWER next steps

Halden, December 2015

The workshop reviewed EMPOWER technical developments and addressed the Plan for development H1-2016, with special focus on WP5.

New energy business models

Falera, September 2015

Presentation by Moritz Loock on at the “International Summer University on Energy 2015”, held in Falera on September 2015. The presentation discusses fundamentals of EMPOWER based business models and 60 participants from all over the world enagged in business modeling for EMPOWER

Novel grid developments, novel business models

Lausanne, May 2015

Presentation by Moritz Loock on the “Executive Eductation Training with business modeling for EMPOWER”, held in Lausanne on May 2015. The presentation outlines drivers of EMPOWER based business models.

Promising Smart Grid Business Models

St Gallen, May 2015

Presentations by Moritz Loock, Bernt A. Bremdal, René Bohnsack, Marvin Kirschner & Calebe Künzle on the “St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies”, held in St. Gallen on May 2015. Within a large, innovative EU-funded research project software companies, technology providers, project developers, utilities and researchers from Norway to Malta are working together to develop EMPOWER: local electricity retail markets for prosumer smart grid power services. The aim of the project is to get EMPOWER to work, to develop new business models and to spread the idea so that many more companies and prosumers join in, thereby transforming the dominant business models in the energy industry. EMPOWER welcomes new partnerships and alliances with interested companies and individuals. For this purpose the workshop is designed as follows: First, we will provide an introduction to what EMPOWER is about and what it is designed to achieve. Second, we will describe the conceptual challenges and possible solutions for business model innovation in the field of local electricity retail markets for prosumer smart grid power services. Third, we are going to introduce the «newtility» project, an HSG-based business model innovation for EMPOWER. As the final step we will engage in an open discussion with participants to collect feedback and identify joint opportunities for further collaboration.

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1st Workshop on co-operation between Smart Grids and Storage H2020 projects

Brussels, May 2015

Presentation by Dieter Hierdes on the “1st Workshop on co-operation between Smart Grids and Storage H2020 projects”, held in Brussels on May 2015. The background of the EMPOWER project and the local energy markets were presented and discussed.

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Business Modeling in the Energy Sector

St Gallen, May 2015

Presentations by Moritz Loock on the “Executive Eductation Training with business modeling for EMPOWER”, held in St. Gallen on May 2015. Particpants engaged in business modeling for EMPOWER and learned foundamentals on how to develope new business models for EMPOWER.
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EMPOWER project dissemination in India

In the period 6-01-2017 to 10-01-2017, Dieter Hirdes, from Smart Innovation Norway AS,  presented the EMPOWER project in several meetings in Delhi.

Amongst others:

  • In a meeting with the world’s largest grid company, Powergrid
  • In a meeting with Tata Power (DSO for northern Delhi), with 10 mill. inhabitants
  • In the “Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Smart Grid Technologies”  (see picture below)

Indo-Norwegian SmartGrid workshop Delhi 10.2.17

“Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Smart Grid Technologies” 10.2.17 at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi